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The Law Office of Hamlin is dedicated to helping clients protect their rights. Our practice areas are Probate, Will and Trust contest claims, Real estate, Evictions and Unlawful Detainer, Personal Injury, Entertainment law, Contract Review and Interpretation, and other legal needs.

Clients can expect our lawyers and staff to be responsive, attentive and flexible; and to communicate on a regular basis and in a manner that’s easy-to-understand. Because of our small office setting, one-on-one attorney/client relationships are easier to develop and maintain.

We Are Always Here to Help You.

Our attorneys have mastered the use of secure technology and can meet with you either virtually, or in person, to help you with your legal matters.

Our purpose will be to decide, jointly, if we are the right fit for what you need. We don’t charge for these calls. If we both think we can help you, we will schedule an Initial Case Evaluation. If interested, simply call us on
(424) 266-9175.

We will review your documents and talk with you about any concerns you may have. We will learn your goals and how strongly you feel about them. We will meet for as long as needed for you to be sure we understand your situation.

We will then tell you where you stand and what options you have. We will recommend one or more action steps, based in part on our past experience with similar cases.

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